In the quest for orthopaedic excellence, the Orthopaedic Research Department at Florida Hospital strives to develop deeper knowledge through the advancement of research and education.   We have a direct relationship with the Florida Hospital Orthopaedic Institute Orlando, and we are led by nationally renowned orthopaedic traumatologists and surgeons.   It is our mission to improve the quality of care and outcomes for our patients with musculoskeletal diseases or trauma by conducting studies that may advance medical/surgical treatments and techniques to improve our patients’ quality of life.  The Orthopaedic Research Department conducts research studies in the areas of:

•    Osteoarthritis – from early treatment through joint replacement
•    Surgical techniques for fracture repair
•    Investigational drug therapy for muscle atrophy and pain reduction 
•    Biomechanical devices used for fracture repair and joint replacement
•    Improving musculoskeletal function and performance both before and after surgery